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i haven't been active on here in probably about a year. i used to be known under a different username, but had to switch due to ridiculous drama and other stuff.

i started college about a week and a half ago, and i'm having major trouble adjusting. they told us all at orientation that in times of great emotion and change, we regress emotionally. and that's basically what i've been doing. no, i haven't been cutting, not yet. but, to be completely honest, as an art major, i have to buy an exacto knife for class. this is a problem, and you can see why; i'm afraid that i'll use it for the thing it's not intended for.

i'd go to my friends or family with help on this, but i'm afraid that there isn't much they can do; i live more than six hours away from everyone i'm close to. and unfortunately, it makes it that much easier for me to do; i have no incentive not to, because any cuts will heal before i see any of them again, which won't be until november.

so, basically, i don't know whether or not i'll be able to make it the next week without doing something very, very stupid.
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